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Can print one pc t shirts easily and conveniently or also can make mass production. Digital best t shirt printing machine is Capable of printing on black, read, white and any color t shirts. Color-printing without silk screen and printing plate. It can accomplish printing white, gradient color picture at once. Water durablity reaches to 3-4 degree, no color fading and comfortable handle.It accords with the international universal standard and uses green environmental protective inks which completely reach to the highest European quality inspection standard.

T-shirt Printer is connected to the computer by USB cable, the RIP software can edit the picture size and position, then send the cheap t shirt printing machine instruction to the printer directly, simply operation, not need to make plate, printing full color at one time. Compared to traditional industry, the printing color is brighter, hand feeling good, good air permeability, good wash durability and no color fading, no cracking.

With digital programming, accurate infrared scanning, multi sensor positioning, high precision parts, to ensure that the performance of best t shirt printing machine to be more stable, more accurate positioning, and the two points ensure the color original rate, print accuracy, machine stability.The design of the drive for in and out system  for the platform  is reasonable, so that the output of the horizontal precision is effectively guaranteed.the main part of the machine adopts  photo output device, so that the output image quality to achieve the highest accuracy of 5760*1440.

The main part of the cheap t shirt printing machine adopts  photo output device, so that the output image quality to achieve the highest accuracy of 5760*1440.The connecting place for the parts inside the whole machine with the  way of the connector so that it is convenient for customers to replace parts.For the control for object height with the use of high sensitivity of imported infrared sensor,  it plays a key role for the print head protection.According to the customer’s special material, custom all kinds of tooling fixture, more convenient for the output for some individual products requirements.

You can tell us your requirements, our professional sales staff will recommend you more suitable best t shirt printing machine or solutions according to your requirements, which enable you to get the best effect from minimum input.We also have customer service to support you once you place the order.Any questions or requests can be reachable for you by mail,online message or phone.One year warranty for printer (not including printhead and consumables parts).Technical service all life time.By Skype, phone, whatsapp, mail trough video, photo with illustration to provide solutions.Our tech team at your side when you are in need of help in the first time.If you have any questions or suggestions for our work and products, please contact us, we’ll reply you promptly. All are just for creating more value for you.


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