Waterproof Inkjet Paper


Power paper for ink jet printer”
Note: the power of paper is industrial grade waterproof paper options.
Cheaper option, please refer to the Ruff N’Tuff waterproof paper!
Top synthetic paper with excellent print performance
Dimensions: 8.5, “X11”, 8.5 “x14”, 11 “x17” and “A4”

Waterproof • durable • resistant to chemicals and tear resistance
Easy to print • excellent lamination keys • 91 brightness
10 mil high suction ink flexible sheet

Application of the real world:
“Power Paper” is an ideal synthetic paper for many applications because it combines extraordinary durability and excellent print capabilities. It is used for cascading cards, labels, labels, maps, menus and outdoor signs, and has 10 years of records to make security documents.
Look and feel:
The power is soft and soft. It is a thick sheet with a thickness of 10 mil, but not stiff or rigid. It has a slight reflective glaze in direct light, increasing its performance value, but it is not glossy coated paper, more like the appearance of standard paper.
Maximum synthetic paper properties…
Specialty synthetic paper is usually made of expensive plastic sheets. But Power Paper is an advanced composite design that provides high quality print quality and affordability, and can be used to create robust documents to resist use, tear and wear.
That’s why we see power paper as the pinnacle of synthetic paper technology. It provides an optimal solution, taking into account the economic viability, while maintaining excellent print performance in uncompromising synthetic paper.


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