Matte Inkjet Paper



Matte inkjet paper
For vivid colors and high resolution accuracy; high impact printing
Size: 8.5×11,8.5×14,11×17,13×19,3A, A4, A5
This paper is coated with enhanced matte color on the appearance of the printed page. Efficient and affordable speech. In addition, they provide more consistent detail reproduction than white keys for color and black and white images and diagrams.

36 pounds of matte paper (one side)

Single sided high resolution (1440 DPI)
Increase color contrast
36 pounds. No acid. 94 brightness

Independent CAD presentations or color effects are ideal choices that are important to your results. It is also the proper weight of documents that are frequently handled.
Add a little pizza…
If the print to be displayed or used for any type of presentation documents, compared to the same image with the standard white print, color matte paper will produce the effect of these remarkable differences.
Enhance your color and print black and white…
In addition to the impact of improved color, matte paper will also enhance the contrast of black and white printing, so as to help the image of “jump”. This leads to more readable and accurate printing.
Recommended for office or projector presentations, posters, and other display documents, with detailed graphics and images for greater color / contrast impact.


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