Inkjet Rolls 24 lb



Inkjet paper
Size: 8.5 “, 11”, “13” and “17” wide
Regular white without gloss or gloss. Compatible with large printers such as EPSON model 12802200 and R1800.
The reels have a 2 inch core that can work on a EPSON printer with a roller attachment. They can also work on printers such as HP, 1220C, and cp1700 when they are manually fed.

24 pound bond
Standard white continuous ink jet paper

Rolls no perforation 87 brightness
Acid free smooth ink jet surface treatment

Ordinary white debt
The most economical choice of universal roll paper printing. A banner that is suitable for everyday use or for high-volume print applications, or basically inexpensive.
Additional specifications: 2 inch core, 3.5 “outside diameter (suitable for most printers).

Matte coating…
Matte coated ink-jet color paste

Rolls no perforation 87 brightness
Acid free matte finish coating

Matte coated paper
Very suitable for party and event banners or other professional or technical design demonstrations. Matt coatings enhance the color’s reflectivity and make it more vibrant. One sided, 100 foot roll.


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