3-Part Inkjet Carbonless Paper


The 3 part is ink free carbon invoice…
3 pre finishing carbonless paper (white / yellow / Pink), 8.5 x 11

The 3 part is white / yellow / Pink
Pre finishing & Inkjet compatible 20 pounds standard weight
A loose sheet of paper; a printer; a sheet of paper

The 3 part carbonless paper (sheet) in an inkjet printer to create the 3 part carbonless invoices, similar to the 2 part of the product. These sheets are pre arranged (including white, yellow and pink sheets), so you can print separate sheets as needed.
What does each Ream have?
Each grocery is loose and the pre arranged paper is connected in series through this quote, such as…
The 3 part: White / yellow / pink, white / yellow / pink, etc..
How to make a carbon free invoice: to create a 3 part form, you need to print three (3) invoice templates. To print 10 forms, you need to print 30 copies of your invoice template from the software you use. Then, each three sheets of paper can be gathered together for immediate use.
Note: the package is clearly labeled “image side””. Make sure that the carbon invoice is printed on one side of the image to make it work properly.

The 3 part carbonless paper, used to create internal carbon free invoice. The modern evolution of carbon copy paper. There is no confusion, and you can print your blank custom form directly from the printer as needed.


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