High speed cheap t shirt printing machine for sale

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UV printing has been into the market since 2003, but all the marketing has been limited by the high cost and large format with low printing resolution (720*720). When mentioning UV printers, all will think about the original Epson jet based t shirt printing machine here. Applying the best combination of Low-Watt UV light system and UV ink, Epson Jet has managed and launched the UV LED flatbed printers 12.95*23.62 inch (329*600mm) with the highest resolution up to 2880*1440DPI at affordable cost.

UV printing has been into the market since 2003, but all the marketing has been limited by the high cost and  large format with low printing resolution (720*720). When mentioning UV printers, all will think about the original Epson jet based printers here. Applying the best combination of Low-Watt UV light system and UV ink,Epson Jet has managed and launched the UV LED flatbed printers 329*600mm with the highest resolution up to 2880*1440DPI at affordable cost.Epson Jet have solved print durability issues related to durability, drying speed, abrasion and solvents, while also delivering more effective,opaque white ink performance for higher-quality cheap t shirt printing machine on dark materials. Our UV printers are designed for commercial and industrial products that will be viewed at an arm’s length, delivering crisp text and sharp, detailed images in vibrant color – no matter what substrate you’re printing on.

White UV ink creates a very opaque image, allowing you to print vibrant colors onto virtually any colored or transparent substrate with 3D textured result. Epson jet UV small format flatbed printers is producing direct print onto ceramic, transparent glass,acrylic, plastic and flexible vinyl materials even with 3D textured t shirt printing machine result. The printing is drying as well as printing and you get ready and perfect products immediately after printing.Photo printing quality. Equipped with EPSON printer head DX5,the Epson jet UV direct printing systemrealize the real photo printing quality with 2880*1440DPI.Long durability after printing.

Applied with the USA UV lamp and UV ink technology, Epson jet UV direct printing system is full of best combination between the UV lamp wave length and ink characteristics to ensure the best cheap t shirt printing machine quality. Easy operation. Based on Epson printing system, Epson jet UV direct printing system is maximizing the advantage of EPSON printers. And the operation is just like office EPSON printer.Low printing cost. Epson jet UV direct printing system is with CISS printing systems with most economical cost in terms of consumables.Low cost for maintenance and spare parts.

Easy white printing with easy operation. 3D textured printing result onto any substrate from transparent glass/acrylic to dark ceramics. Advanced RIP printing. Compatible with JPEG, PDF, EPS etc format directly. Photo t shirt printing machine quality up to 2880*1440DPI.Wide applications from Signage, Name badges and photo IDs, Plaques and awards and Customized promotional items to much more. Affordable cost for UV printers.All applications working sizes.  329*600mm.Refillable ink cartridges. We apply the continuous ink supply systems and we can just refill the inks whennecessary. Long durability after printing. Watershine proof etc.

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