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T-shirt printer is a digital flatbed inkjet printer, can print on different color t-shirts directly, printing is easy, only connect printer with computer can realize printing. Printing result is water proof,sun proof,anti-scratch.The hand feeling is good too, you will not feel the ink at all.Low cost, for light color t-shirt, only cost $0.08 for a t-shirt.Good t shirt printing machine effect, the image is 99.9% close to original photo design.Easy lean,just need send out print order in computer.

Our printers are based on Epson continual ink supply printing technology, all our printers with epson original new print head, easy maintain and easy operation.We produce flatbed printer since 2002, as one of the most experienced manufacturer, we provide high quality machine and good support. I am in this company for almost 4 years; I will help you to get the best and most suitable t shirt printing machine . We cooperate with professional freight companies, DHL, TNT and FedEx for many years; we will provide fast and safe shipping.This printer is economy normal speed model; suitable for print logo, photo, letters on any color t shir.Its print speed is normal, for example to print A3 size photo, it costs approx 3.5 minutes.It is good for small volume customized DIY t shirt printing.

It can print on any color t shirt.It  is used for white textile ink pretreatment, you need only to spray it on product before print white ink. If you print on light color t shirt, no need white ink, no need pretreatment. It is better to keep some Cleaning liquid in stock, you may need to clean the t shirt printing machine someday for example if you will leave it not work for long time.It is necessary for print white color, and its inner ICC is very good for print all colors.It is used for arrange t shirt on printer and get the best print position.It is used for dry and fix color after printing; you can buy similar product from many many place; if you can buy it from your city, you may save much shipping costs than buy from China.

Light color t shirt (no need white ink).Put t shirt on the adapter on printer. Choose the picture from computer and put it in RIP print option, and it will be t shirt printing machine onto the t shirt. Heat press the printed t shirt for approx 40 sec.Spray the pretreat fixing agent on print area manually.Put t shirt on the adapter on printer. Choose the picture from computer and put it in RIP software.Click white print option.It prints white picture base onto the t shirt.Click the color photo print option.It prints color photo on white base.Heat press the printed t shirt for approx 40 sec.

We are the designer and oldest manufacturer of flatbed printer; we start research and produce since 2002.And sold very big amount t shirt printing machine to many coutries.Our factory is SGS cetificated.Our product is CE certificated.We have professional aftersales department to provide online support.You can get high quality machine, good service and lifelong support from us.

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