High quality Glossy Photo Paper,inkjet paper photo quality

Smooth surfaces for exceptional gloss values: with their brilliant image quality and first class color intensity, our glossy coated papers cannot fail to impress. The microporous receiver layer allows both dye based and pigmented inks to dry instantly.

We have different types of glossy coated papers: the varieties with a grammage of 150, 180 or 240 g/m² guarantee photo quality print results, with their high calibre surface giving prints an incomparably brilliant finish. The budget option with 180 g/m² has a backcoat that means it is printable on both sides: a winner in terms of value for money. Brilliant impression and razor sharp images are the trademarks of our new high gloss Paper Glossy Primo. All our glossy coated inkjet photo papers are compatible with common inkjet printer models.

Paper without back printing means paper’s back is blank, no words and patterns.inkjet photo paper with back printing means in the back of paper, there is words“professional color paper”.The coating of inkjet photo paper with or without back printing are the same, the printing effect is also almost the same.Photo quality, waterproof, matte surface.Brilliant color images on bright white inkjet photo paper.Thicker than plain papers so colors don’t show through.Ideal for newsletters, holiday letters and other photo and text printing.Perfect for home or office use.

Featcolor Premium Glossy Photo Paper  is an instand-drying, Glossy paper with a resin coated (RC) base. The RC base allows the paper to maintain vivid, lifelike colors that rival traditional prints. A favorite among photographers and graphic artists, its non-cockling characteristics make it ideal for photographs, promotional pieces, layouts, portfolio images, proofs, displays and posters. It creates high-quality prints by offering maximum ink coverage with brilliant color inks that dry in an intant. This inkjet photo paper can also be easily laminated to provide protection from light and moisture.

Resin-coated based paper.Instant dry waterproof, absolutely flat and smooth.High brightness, clearness, resolution and color reproduction.Wide color gamut, long durability, high density, extremely sharp contrast.The smallest visible text, create Professional photo print quality results.High-quality Inkjet paper is a special fine paper designed specifically for reproduction of photographs.High-quality inkjet paper has been coated with a highly absorbent material that limits diffusion of the ink away from the point of contact. Highly refined coating to prevent ink spread.Inkjet paper is extremely bright white.


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