Factory cheap price best t shirt printing machine from china

Related image     No plate-making, fast printing, low cost, available for the output of various of software.Changing color directly by the computer, changing color wherever, no need to pay the extra fees.Could meet the requirements of fast getting the sample or products even in some seconds.Could print at unit price, best t shirt printing machine in mass production, going with template matching, time saving.Full color photos, finish once, progressive color could meet the image results of quality.Handled with fast, quality production, no need to get professional skills.Computer operation, no need to depend on the stuff with a lot of upgrade space.

The Flatbed Printer is a kind of inkjet printing type high-tech digital printing equipment which works object non-contact , its application field is very wide, it is a technical innovation in hand painting, all kinds of transfer printing, screen printing technology.Use Ecosolvent ink,except Tshirt, this machine can print Phone shell,Leather,Glass,Metal,Crystal,Acrylic, PVC,ABS,EVA,Plastic,Mobile Power,Stone,U disk,Silica gel and the other materials; Use Textile ink, this machine can directly print on the surfafce of Tshirt,Handkerchief and the other textiles materials, after best t shirt printing machine,the pattern is colourful,washing fastness reach national level 4 standard. It really realize the true sense of one piece print up, no platemaking, namely spray is dry, full color image once completed.

Applicable nearly all kinds of material and picture can be directly spray printed.Without platemaking,it have output characteristics of time saving and economy,and have fast proofing and production.It can print 8cm materials. you can adjust the thickness freely.the print tray adjust by electric, the surface of print tray is flat, and the best t shirt printing machine resolution is very high.Use ecosolvent ink from china to print, all materials need do precoating before printing, and also need to do protection after printing , otherwise, it is easy to scrape;this ink will plug the head if you don’t use it a few days; its production process is very complex;requirements of environment is high, and reject rate is relatively high.Ecosolvent have no white ink, so it just can print on light color materials, if need print on dark color materials, UV Flatbed is more practical.Stable performance, repeat print does not shift, humanized appearance design , simple and easy maintenance.

Hueway is a professional supplier of 3D printer and related consumables in Guangdong Provice. Who have been specialized in international trade more than ten years and supply OEM orders and gained the 12 years’ golden supplier on alibaba. A Janpanese animation company purchased one of best t shirt printing machine those models in BIG quantity this year. Hueway are now the biggest 3D parts supplier in China and devoted to provide the right products at a right price to customer around the world.

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