Cheap t shirt printing machine with high quality and low price

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Flatbed Printer is a kind of inkjet printer which can cheap t shirt printing machine on almost materials,such as:Plastic,metal,glass,wood,stone,acrylic,leather,abs,tpu and fabric etc.;Usually we use two different inks,One is “Eco Solvent Ink”which is working on Plastic,metal,glass,wood,stone,acrylic,leather,abs,tpu.Another ink is “Textile Ink” which just working on fabric.Sometime you may need to use different ink,but please note that,we need to clean the nozzle very well before changing ink,if let two different inks mixed together,your printer head will be clogged,which means that you need to replace a new one,it;s forever clog,can’t be washed well by cleaning liquid.

The biggest advantage of this printer is:Heat Function,usually we need to preheat the product like t-shirt before printing to get good quality image and enhance print speed,Now our printer with heat function,which means that you can heat the t-shirt while cheap t shirt printing machine ,which not only can enhance the print speed and will get good quality image,also printer comes with controller,you can use it to control the temperature.


Better price:Early May all the consumables and accessaris are free. Low print cost: 1 white t shirt with A4 size print erea costs only 6.8 cents. Fast print speed: It has 8 color(1440nozzles), it takes only 63seconds to finish printing 1 A4 size(20*30cm).High print resolution: 5760*1440dpi (HD customized pictures can be easily printed).Great colorfastness: Printed products are sun-proof, scratch-proof, no color fade.R2000 control system: Newest Epson printing system, faster print speed and higher print resolution.Moulding Platform: Moulding table to make more stable platform, better print effect and details.Fashion apperance: Green and grey together to make a fashionable style, perfect machine for personalized cheap t shirt printing machine and stylish stores.Filter Ink supply system: Each ink bottle has a filtrator to filter the ink before printing, no more clogging of the printhead.

  •   Free samples: We can make free samples and printing video for you to check details.
  •  24 hours best before-sale and after-sale service: all the printer & printing questions will be quickly answered.
  •  Operation training: When you receive the machine, we will contact you and train you by video call. Step by step until you can master the machine well. Generally, one hour or two is the most. You will also have a specific operation manual to help you.
  • Technical support: About the routine maintenance questions, hardware questions we will help you very promptly.
  •  Providing printing solutions: If you want to extend your print range, we will help you with the printing solutions.
  •  1 year warranty: All the parts(non-include the print head) are one year warranty. If anything parts broken, we will send you the parts for free.
  •  Samples sharing: We will periodically collect some samples from our clients and share with each other.

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