Cheap inkjet photo paper online

Inkjet photo paper glossy photo paper is double-sided coating base, gloss coating, its brilliant white and amazing clarity of wide color gamut and lifelike lifelike image reproduction.20g double-sided coating gloss coating makes printing easy, fast and durable. For indoor use, compatible with dyes and pigment inks. The product is suitable for most large format printers and desktop printers, especially for indoor applications.

  • High gloss, instant drying, good ink absorption
  • Ultra fine, white, waterproof, special coating, anti-oxidation
  • Compatible with dye, ink, and pigment inks
  • Suitable for all inkjet printers, such as EPSON, Canon, HP, Lexmark, etc..
  • Widely used in posters, office and family photo printing, menus, greeting cards, art photos, etc..

The magnetic inkjet paper is suitable for various applications, such as POP display boards, message boards, teaching aids, dispatching boards, demonstration pictures, picture frames, refrigerators, magnets and temporary signs.All 21.6 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 inch) format 10, 25 or 50 pack.These are thin, flexible, printable white magnets.These disks with matte finish (the total thickness of 14 mils) and gloss finish (the total thickness of 16 mils).Don’t try to print on an inkjet disk with a laser printer or copier, using an inkjet printer only.Not suitable for outdoor use.

How good is the type and texture of the inkjet photo paper you use and how the printer looks?.If you cherish the photos, please use the photo paper and ink, to help ensure the long time printing, waterproof and waterproof. Some of the best articles resist the decline of 25,50 and have the look and feel of traditional pictures.

The most important feature of these materials is that after printing, they will be in perfect colors for perfect images. Because they are a range of solvent based products, they also have stable color, strong UV resistance and waterproof effect. These features cannot be replaced by inkjet photo paper, thereby saving time spent in the shooting process, thereby increasing productivity and reducing production costs.


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