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Professional premium grade: resin coated gloss, silk, semi-gloss, satin waterproof RC inkjet photo paper (microporous), from 180gsm to 260gsm; a unique coating delivers instant drying, superior water resistance and 5760 dpi resolution; designed for the highest quality continuous-tone color printing applications; excellent for premium photographic, graphic design and proofing applications alike; 100% compatible with dye and pigment ink, such as Epson K3, UC, Canon and HP pigment ink .

Choose one picture you design by yourself or any picture you download from the Internet.Print it (any inkjet or laser printer and any ink can be used directly, laminating machine is no need.)Use a hair drier to dry it or natural air dry(5 minutes)Using the transparent gloss paint to spray evenly in the pattern surface.(you can get transparent gloss paint in the paint shop.)Dry it and cut it.Put it into the water. After 30-60s, remove the transfer membrame 0.5cm first from the base paper.Put the 0.5cm picture first onto the surface then pull the base paper away slowly.Clean the bubble under the transfer membrame with a brush. use soft cloth or absorbent inkjet photo paper to scrape the surface.If time is limited you can use a oven to dry it 10-15 minutes with 100°C. If the material is plastic, 50-70°C is all right. If time is enough, hair drier also can be OK.

This product can be used to all color inkjet photo paper printers, and it is applicable to common water-based ink like pigment ink or dye base ink. After processes of printing and heat transfer, images can be transferred to the surface of Dark-colored cotton textile, thus you can produce various products like distinctive personal T-shirts, singlets, advertising shirts, sportswears, hats, bags, pillows, cushions, mouse pads, handkerchiefs, gauze masks, home decorations. The pattern transferred on the products are of high quality, and characteristic as colorful, breathable, soft and fastness to washing.

100% waterproof, instant dry, up to 5760 dpi, perfect color perspective and expression;Suitable for sublimation ink only;Printing on Textile Fabrics and Polyester.This paper has a special finish on the surface so the ink do not soak into the paper. After you print the Transfer Paper it is then placed on the product to be applied with a heat press.OEM orders welcome.

A4 135G/150G Premium Inkjet Photo Paper From China Top Manufacture

Microporous inkjet paper, its paper-based the same as traditional photo paper, both sides of the base paper coated PE,that is waterproof coating RESIN COATED, its coating is nanoscale silicon dioxide material (particle diameter of 150 nm or less), produce very subtle Inorganic-organic hybridfine particle, after the ink spray up, soon to be absorbed by Micro-porous that similar to the honeycomb,so its name form. Because both sides of the paper coated with waterproof PE coating,so this inkjet photo paper with good water resistance.

Size: A4.packing: 50sheets/pkt  24pkts/carton.Usage: all inkjet printer.Brightness:100%Product :specialyy coated to create on image that resembles a true photo .Advanced ,state-of -art technology for photo producing printers.Bright super-smoothcoated paper .Printing : H igh gloss surface with resin-coated, photogapically-stable base forhigh quality,photographic output.Quality : Universal coating produces excellent qualityUsage : for high resolution printers 720/1440/2880.”



Glossy photo paper:

Feature:5760dpi,creating vibrant images on inkjet paper.Perfect for printing high-resolution photos, enlargements and other color images.Produces smudge-free,water-resistant and instant-dry photos.Long lasting pints-preserve your treasured memories.Suitable Inkjet Printer:Epson,Canon,HP,Other inkjet printer.All desktop and large format inkjet printers compatible.Size&packaging:Available in a variety of sizes.A2/A4/A3/A6/3R/4R/5R, roll.Natural transparent bag, color polybag, color box, insert sheet cover.Application:Printing of wedding album, fine art photos, family photo album, and beautiful photos.Personal works, commercial advertisements and the production of high-level advocacy, and other pictures.