Buy the cheap inkjet photo paper from China

We wholesale 6×4 photo paper, A4 photo paper, A5 photo paper and A3 paper can be distributed in the UK and Europe. If you want to buy the cheap inkjet photo paperĀ out of Europe, please contact us and we can make quotations for transportation costs in other countries.

Select magnetic inkjet photo paper which is great for displaying your family photos on your refrigerator or other metal surfaces, or using signs in the workplace or warehouse. This kind of photographic paper magnet can be cut easily with scissors so that you can create any shape for your design work or warehouse logo.

Use magnetic paper with your existing inkjet printer and print your design, then attach to your metal surface with rapid potential. The best thing about magnetic photographic paper is that you can move it when you need it.

One side of the cheap inkjet photo paper is a printable photo surface with a white coating that has a magnetic coating on the back that can be attached to the metal surface.So if you’re looking for a place to buy magnetic paper, don’t look. Select quality and value with inkjet photo paper.

If you want to create your own invitations or invitations to parties and functions, why not try our inkjet photo paper? . On our glossy inkjet photo paper with a smooth side, you can add your images or photographs, in another uncoated side, you can write the details of the party, or just leave blank.We also have two coated paper CARDS that can be cut and graded to your own requirements. Please note that we will have more blank invitations in the near future.

Since we are developing and improving the scope of ourĀ cheap inkjet photo paper, all the time, please pay attention to the new product, will be launched soon. In addition to other paper, we also have magnetic paper and self-adhesive paper. We will add professional photo paper in the near future, including satin, semi-gloss, shine, Pearl, art, T-shirt transfer paper and more. So why not see how valuable your money is?

Wholesale cheap inkjet photo paper

Any office supplies or computer store can provide cheap inkjet paper. However, if you need heavier paper, such as 90gsm or 100gsm, you can buy it at a stock store, vendor or computer store. The heavier paper will be clearer and more opaque, so there will be less emissions for the other. But it must be borne in mind that each printer has the largest paper thickness to print. Before purchasing heavier paper, please check the specifications of the printer, especially if you intend to purchase paper of 110gsm-125gsm weight. Checking documentation is important because heavier paper can seriously damage the machine.

If you want an image rich in color, bright, clear, glossy inkjet paper is the best choice. The glossy paper is made of several layers; the top layer contributes to ink absorption, while the other layer prevents ink from permeating to the other side and stores ink jet. The problem with this kind of wholesale inkjet photo paper is its price, especially brand glossy paper, which is quiet expensive. But if you need high quality pictures, you need more cash.

You can obtain cheap inkjet paper in three coatings, including gloss, semi gloss and matt. Gloss is a photo printed good paper that will give you photos of the appearance of traditional photographs. Compared to glossy paper, semi gloss paper has a slightly bumpy surface and less gloss. Matte paper without luster, smooth surface. Usually, when prints are used under the glass.

250gsm inkjet printer wholesale inkjet photo paper. Instant drying media produces high-quality photos and traditional photos, quality photos of sensory photos. Super gloss is ideal for digital cameras, full-color scanning pictures, photos, CD and Internet images, and all high resolution print (including 2880dpi) prints.

Transfer paper is a critical part of the transfer printing process. Our transfer paper delivers superior image clarity, high release and reduced clams. We continue to push our product line into the digital printing vertical industry, and we now provide comprehensive digital transfer media solutions for sublimation transfer paper, T-Shirts, cheap inkjet paper and sublimation ink.