Cast inkjet RC photo paper

Name: inkjet RC photo paper
Product specification:
1.100% ultra white. Super vivid colors. High contrast
2.Not suitable for spraying large amounts of ink (less than 500% inkjet). Because small inkjet can reach or even exceed the effect of ordinary inkjet media. It has a high contrast and gloss color.
3.For indoor and outdoor use, because it is waterproof
4. Best suited for (UV) pigment ink. It has 10 years of life and dye ink.
Most suitable for inkjet less than 500%. And most suitable for 720–2400dpi inkjet operation
A4:135g self-adhesive high gloss inkjet paper (100% waterproof) 20pic / bag
180g glossy inkjet photo paper (100% waterproof) 20pic / bag
235g inkjet photo paper (100% waterproof) 20pic / bag or 190g.135g.128g.188g 250g 240g double-sided matte inkjet photo paper glossy inkjet photo paper. Etc..

W / P photographic paper ribbon Code: SY-28 weight: 260gsm ink pigment, dye ink specifications: matte surface, instant drying. Waterproof. Advanced color technology and waterproof. A porous layer of resin coated on both sides. Used for display, frames, and advertising. Compatible with most inkjet printers. Suitable for dyes, inks and pigment inks.

Resin coated smooth photo paper is widely used in high resolution offices, home photo prints, and commercial presentations:Resin coated and microporous coated paper.Water resistance.Instant drying.Exquisite photography, image quality and consistency.The heavyweight look and feel of real photos.Good compatibility with all high quality pigments and dyes based on inkjet printers.Accept OEM order.Advanced inkjet photo Satin / glossy photo paper lines include 260g, 255g,210g and 190g A3, A4, A6, 3R, 4R, 5R and 24, “x, 30m, 36,” “x, 30m” and “42” “x30m” roll sizes.

Cast inkjet photo paper, perfect color reproduction, fine detail performance. Ultra white and waterproof, low cost, suitable for dyes, inks.We have glossy and Matt finish. For glossy tissue, we have: 135/160/180/210/230/250 gsm. For casting matte paper, we have: 108/128/190/200/220 / 250gsm. We have different sizes, such as A4, A5, A6, A3, A2, A1, A0305/610/914/1067 / 1118mm, etc.

Professional quality level: resin coating (RC) luster, silk satin, semi gloss, waterproof RC photo paper (micro), from 180gsm to 260gsm; the unique coating provides instant drying, excellent water resistance and 5760 dpi resolution; designed for continuous tone printing application of the highest quality and excellent photography, graphic design; the design and application of proofing were excellent; 100% compatible dye and pigment ink, such as EPSON K3, UC, Canon and HP pigment ink.


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