China manufacturer of inkjet paper

640gsm specification for magnetic high glossy inkjet photographic paper:
1) photo quality, gloss surface, waterproof, instant drying, suitable for 5760 DPI
2) brilliant color images and bright white paper
3) perfect color perspective and expression
4) for advertising, office documents, holiday letters, posters, invitations, storage, tags, instructions, photos, etc.
5) suitable for families, offices, shops and gift use
6) suitable for dye based ink
7) OEM order accepted
Size: A3 / A4 / Letter
Packing: A3 / A4 / Letter * 5 sheets / packing
As a leading manufacturer of Chinese inkjet media, a New Zealand has always been for all types of inkjet masking paper, glossy inkjet paper, ink artist canvas, CD tags, magnetic inkjet paper, inkjet film has been to the market with high quality and competitive price. The material form is 2002. We can offer 108G to 300g¬†inkjet photo paper, all types of paper sizes and 12 “to 60” roll sizes.

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The glossy surface is the print surface. Print the inkjet paper facing the inkjet nozzle. (the back is not suitable for printing). On some printers, you can adjust settings (print references, quality settings, etc.) to obtain more vivid and higher quality images. Please refer to the printer’s introductory manual. Try choosing gloss / photo paper or similar named media type settings, settings, and the highest quality settings that can be used to print quality.

The resin coated base allows you to obtain waterproof photographic prints that have instant drying properties for professional image quality.The bright white base allows you to obtain professional image quality and vivid and vibrant colors for your digital image, photo proofs.
Inkjet photo paper provides high gloss, matte, RC (resin), high density satin variety, from 108 to 260 gsm. Can also use double-sided glossy, inkjet¬†photo paper, self-adhesive photos, paper and so on.Applications include professional photos (such as passport, identity card and 4 “X 6”, A4, A3), business consultant, directory, project reports, photo books, proved that the product inserts, postman, stickers, etc..