Characteristics of color inkjet printing paper

Color inkjet printing paper is very different from ordinary inkjet printing paper, this is because the color inkjet printing usually use water-based ink, rapid absorption and diffusion will generally receive paper as long as water-based ink, results from both color or from the definition are not up to the requirements of printing. The color inkjet printing paper is paper products deep processing, it is the ordinary printing paper surface through special coating processing, make it not only can absorb the water ink and make the ink droplets spread to the surrounding, so as to maintain the original color and clarity. The types and characteristics of the commonly used color ink-jet printing paper are as follows:

(1) special inkjet printing paper support for RC paper, which is containing fluorescent agent and magnetic materials, so it is fake and anti copy security function, but it also has UV resistance and light resistance characteristics, so it is especially suitable for a photo like effect picture output production and construction;

(2) PVC inkjet printing paper support for composite plastic film and paper, the mechanical strength of the paper, the output image has high quality, good ink absorbency, and indoor good light resistance, so the printing paper is suitable for a photographic effect picture output device;

(3) high gloss inkjet printing paper with a thick base, there are photos of the same high gloss, whiteness of paper, with good ink absorption. Because of its rich image output levels, full color, especially suitable for photo image output and advertising display production;

(4) high gloss inkjet printing paper support for RC paper base, with high resolution, generally in 720dpi. Therefore, the use of it to print the image clear and bright, good gloss, interior furnishings with good light fastness and color fastness of the single. Often used for bright colors, there is the effect of photographic image output, and the general use of the time are equipped with high-grade inkjet printer;

(5) the inkjet printing paper support for the RC paper base, medium gloss, high resolution, it is full of bright colors, good light resistance, suitable for photographic image output.